Making Technology Drive Results...


Creating value for an organization consists of leveraging the products, processes, people, and intellectual capital of an organization.

Warren has experience developing leverage of products, processes and people in a wide range of industries and roles. His leadership has led to reductions in costs, growth of sales, growth of margin, and the creation of new products and services. The capabilities Warren has developed to deliver leverage include:

Plan Strategically


  • Define Mission
  • Analyzes SWOT, Market Potential, Costs, and Risks
  • Collaboratively Sets Goals & Strategies
  • Assigns Ownership
  • Enforces Accountability
  • Spreads Vision across Stakeholders
  • Adapts Message for Audience
  • Engages in Dialogue
  • Internally to management, investors and staff
  • Externally to customers, partners, and suppliers

Enhance Products

Transform Process

  • Identifies Unmet Needs
  • Drives Product Innovation
  • Identifies Solution Opportunities
  • Selects Solution Partners
  • Manages Solution Development and Roll Out
  • Selects Unmet Goals
  • Sets Process Requirements
  • Drives Process Design
  • Assesses Transform Metrics
  • Presents Process to Relevant Stakeholders

Develop People

Manages Finances

  • Selects for Fit
  • Assigns for Results
  • Stimulates Team Building
  • Motivates for Results
  • Encourages Professional Growth
  • Creates Annual Business Plan
  • Develops Annual Budget
  • Develops Project Budgets
  • Focuses Spending on Goals
  • Adjusts Spending to Meet Change
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