Making Technology Drive Results...


Successful leadership is about transforming individuals with diverse backgrounds and aspirations into a team focused on and accountable for achieving strategic goals.

Warren has developed the following strong set of leadership skills through direct and cooperative leadership experiences:

Build Client Trust

Expand Partnerships

  • Focuses on Clients
  • Honors Commitments
  • Establishes Relationships
  • Maintains Integrity
  • Identifies Win-Win-Win Partners
  • Negotiates The Relationship
  • Coordinates Joint Sales
  • Facilitates Execution

Grow Business

Improve Quality

  • Enters New Markets
  • Creates Demand
  • Wins Engagements
  • Builds Client Relationships
  • Markets Intellectual Capital
  • Defines Quality Measures
  • Refines Procedures
  • Continually Improves
  • Encourages Innovation
  • Fosters Professional Growth

Create Intellectual Capital

Empowers People

  • Leads innovation teams
  • Advocates Ideas
  • Leverages Solutions
  • Standardizes Solutions
  • Stimulates Learning
  • Hires Effectively
  • Creates Goal-Driven Culture
  • Inspires Teamwork
  • Supports Innovation
  • Emphasizes Training
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